Community Policing Service

The Monroe Police Department is committed to working with the residents of the city in maintaining the high quality of life we enjoy here. The Department has and will continue to form partnerships with individuals and groups to solve those issues affecting the community that cannot be resolved by police enforcement action alone. In a variety of ways, the Monroe Police Department is changing the way we provide service and protection to our community.

In 2002, the Department began it's first, three year strategic plan to implement goals and objectives to incorporate a new "Community Policing "philosophy. This plan was created by a stakeholders group of citizens, business owners, officers, and other community leaders, that resulted in a change to our approach to problems in the community. A Mission and Values Statement was written, along with numerous policy changes, to incorporate this philosophy as a focus for our agency. Below are listed several of the programs that were implemented to attain those goals.


Community Liaison Officer
A full-time liaison officer maintains contact with the community, schools, and courts. The officer may act as a resource person for those needing information or department services beyond that of normal patrol functions. Duties may include such functions as public speaking, conducting community meetings, on site problem solving, direct intervention, and follow up through the court system. If you have questions regarding these services, or would like to arrange for public speaking event, please call or email Officer Radke.

D.A.R.E. Officer
Two officers have specialized instructor certification in the Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education (DARE) program. Several classes are conducted in the Monroe Elementary Schools (public & private) each year. This program strives to reduce the likelihood of children becoming involved with alcohol or illegal drugs, as well as fostering a good relationship with our officers.

Officer Eric Wesner

Bike and Foot Patrol Assignments
As staffing levels and weather permit, officers are given patrol assignments to a specific area on foot, or a region of the city on bicycle. The Department discovered that by deploying patrols in this manner encouraged more contact between officers and citizens. What started out as sort of a novelty became a widely recognized and desired detail. Several of our officers are mountain bike patrol certified and comprise a bike unit. The Department currently owns five bike units, all of which were purchased with community donations and grants. Officers are detailed to the bikes, many times as an outright replacement for a patrol car.

24 Hour Lobby Resources
A full-time point of contact is available to allow citizens face-to-face interaction. Staff members are assigned to cover peak walk-in hours to accommodate vehicle registration, document services, inquiries, and payments. In addition to routine police department matters, we can provide a link to many other city departments and community resources after hours or on an emergency basis.

Basic Life Support
Patrol officers receive reoccurring training in administering basic life support services. Available around the clock, they can render emergency assistance until the EMS crew arrive. Patrol cars are equipped with a Trauma kit, oxygen and defibulator unit.

Web site
You are viewing this page due to the Department's desire to become more responsive to community needs. It is our desire to better inform you of the services we offer, and to solicit your feedback on our performance. Features include Frequently Asked Questions, the Monroe City Codes, and an Online Report Form for documenting minor complaints that may be inconvenient for you to take the time to meet with an officer. If you have any suggestions for this web site please contact our webmaster .

Special Event Coordination
The Department staffs it's personnel in response to the anticipated activity level during special events. We work with the organizers to insure events are conducted in a safe environment and reduce potential liabilities. If you or your organization is considering sponsoring such an event, a permit may be required. Applications are made through the City Clerk's Office for committee approval. Further information is available in the FAQ section of this site.

Police Explorers
The Monroe Explorer Police Post was formed in cooperation with the Boy Scouts of America, and meets monthly for law enforcement orientation and training. Interested persons between the ages of 14-20 years are encouraged to join. If you have an interest in this program, please contact the post advisor, Officer Joshua Heer for additional details.

Bike Patrol

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